Our Services

For the past 40 years, Specialty Concrete has provided gypsum underlayment and acoustical assemblies, elevated light weight concrete, and weatherproofing systems for your multi-family and hospitality needs.


Gypsum underlayment provides the best option for UL rated assemblies improving acoustical ratings, fire ratings, and smooth finished floors ready for flooring applications. Specialty Concrete pours an array of manufacturer brands providing us the ability to give our customers numerous options to help meet their acoustical or detail needs.


Specialty Concrete’s custom seven sack 3/8” pea gravel mix exceeds most PSI requirement while maintaining uniform power troweled or broom finishes. Our concrete is mixed onsite with our own volumetric concrete mixing trucks eliminating third party reliance on concrete manufacturers. Our flexibility in scheduling gives us the competitive advantage to be more builder friendly.


We provide one of the most critical services needed for all multifamily construction projects, weather proofing. To protect the integrity of the building’s structure is the ability to protect the building from water intrusion. One of the most critical services we provide to our customers in the most vulnerable areas of a building at the balconies, corridors, and stair landings. We ensure that our scope of work ties into the building envelope as seamlessly as possibly. With the Specialty Concrete’s team has a breadth of experience and technology on hand to consult with you to ensure that we provide the best option for your water proofing installation needs.


Decorative concrete can transform a dull workplace or commercial space into a unique one-of-a-kind floor. We use only the highest quality products and systems in the market to deliver the best option for an aesthetically appealing surface designed to withstand high-traffic, weather, and commercial operations.